About Us

Our Story

God Be Goddin’ is a Christian faith apparel brand and organization declaring who God is through some of the dopest gear around! Just like teachers teach and singers sing, we believe that God Gods and in His plan there are no coincidences. Founded in 2018, our brand is a declaration of who God is and His presence in our very lives. He is Him and there’s no one like Him (Exodus 3.14). What the world calls coincidence, we believe God was there all of the time orchestrating our circumstances behind the scenes.

God Be Goddin’ speaks to God doing the things that only God could do. Perfect timing. Divine precision. Making miracles out of messes. Exceeding expectations. Meeting the right people at the right time. Protecting you when you didn’t know about the danger present. Redirecting you when you went off course. Coming through when you were at a dead end or disadvantage. All-knowing. Ever-present. Never-failing.

Our Mission

  • To declare who God is. To tell the world about Him and brag on Jesus.
  • Draw people to God through inspiration and creative messaging, products.
  • To promote physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wholeness.

Faith Talk

Our blog seeks to inspire God’s people, engage in real and relevant conversation about Jesus and the Christian worldview, and equip His followers to glorifyingly (yep, we made that up) live out their faith in Him.

Read the latest at talk.GodBeGoddin.com.